Sudanese negotiations stall over security sector reform.


Sudanese negotiations stall over security secAccording to political and military sources in Sudan, the topic of security reform has thwarted attempts to achieve an agreement. They are trying to appoint a civilian administration next month and launching a fresh transition towards democracy.

Last week, as outlined in a December framework agreement for the new transition. Questions arose over the rate of integration of the formidable paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) into the military.

Integration of the RSF and the demilitarization of the military were fundamental demands of a protest movement. The movement helped oust the long-reigning tyrant Omar al-Bashir four years ago.

According to analysts, reforming Sudan’s security forces is important to the country’s future as a democracy.

The purpose of this negotiation in Khartoum was to offer guidelines on how and when the RSF would be integrated. However, the sessions concluded late on Wednesday with no recommendations produced.

The army, police, and intelligence services withdrew from the negotiations since there was no unity timeline. Photos taken at the closing session of the conference revealed vacant chairs.

According to accounts, the RSF proposed ten years, whilst the army proposed two. Foreign facilitators advised five years.

Thursday, all sides reaffirmed their commitment to the discussions and highlighted that they are eagerly awaiting the findings of a technical committee analyzing the integration’s particulars.

After Bashir’s removal, a transition towards elections was initiated, but this was cut short in October 2021 by a coup attempt by the army and RSF.

The new transition is meant to shut the book on the takeover, but tensions are rising as the army and the RSF prepare to transfer soldiers to the capital in advance of Saturday’s signing of a final accord.

A formal constitutional declaration will be signed on April 6, and a civilian administration will be formed on April 11.


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