Somalia accident kills 11 Ethiopian migrants.


According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), a traffic accident in Somalia is responsible for the deaths of eleven Ethiopian nationals, including six women, five men, and one child.

According to the IOM, human traffickers were responsible for their transportation. It is also believed that their intended destination was Yemen through the coastal city of Bosaso.

On Tuesday, though, the truck that was transporting them overturned only a short way from Bosaso. The IOM has only just made the information public.

The circumstances behind the incident are still being investigated. However, at this point in time, local officials have said that they think the truck was experiencing technical difficulties. Also, they said that there was not another vehicle involved in the incident.

They have verified that 11 remains have been buried at this location. According to the IOM, there were at least 20 additional passengers who sustained injuries.

According to the spokesperson of the Bosaso municipality, Mohamed Jama, “We have buried the corpses, and those who were wounded are being treated at the Bosaso General Hospital.”


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