Senegalese man warned of gun violence shot dead in riots


Elhaji Cisse tweeted hundreds of times on Friday, the day he was killed, as riots erupted outside his Dakar compound.

In one post, the 26-year-old student warned his 1,700 followers about security forces firing live rounds at protesters. In another, he provided first aid to the homeless.

Djimbala Ba, his younger brother, said he also helped elderly neighbors cope with tear gas inhalation online.

“He spent his time in the service of others,” Ba, 24, sobbed during an interview in his home, where he and his brother shared a bed in a small side room. “He was a good patriot.”

Ba and another friend, Cheikh Ndiaye, said Cisse walked to a mosque to pray at 9 p.m. on Friday after eating couscous and milk.

The opposition leader Ousmane Sonko’s prison sentence, which could prevent him from running for president in February, sparked Senegal’s deadliest unrest in decades. Sixteen people were killed. Sonko denies any wrongdoing.

Rioters pelted rocks at security forces, set fire to cars and buildings, and looted supermarkets and gas stations.

Tear gas and excessive force were used by police. The government claims that 500 people have been arrested.

Security forces claim they did not shoot protesters.


Cisse, according to Ba, intended to study in Canada. He frequently wore Real Madrid jerseys.

As the riots raged on, he spent hours on Friday tweeting against a partial internet shutdown in Grand Yoff.

Outside, his profile reflected chaos and rage. In one of his final tweets before 6 p.m., he begged Twitter founder Elon Musk to assist Senegalese in getting online.

Cisse was shot in the shoulder three hours after leaving the mosque, according to Ba, Ndiaye, and two other friends.

Cisse is shown motionless on the ground in a TikTok video while a man presses his upper arm. A crowd transports him to the hospital.

Ba was perplexed by Cisse’s death.

It appeared to be impossible. “How is he doing after getting shot in the arm? “The family is awaiting the results of the autopsy.

According to Ba and Ndiaye, security forces shot him. Ba is not as political as his brother. He blames the unrest on President Macky Sall’s repeated marginalization of political opponents. Many people believe Sall has done nothing to help the poor or the youth.


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