Ramadan Enforcement: Nigerian Islamic Police Detain Non-Fasting Individuals in Kano

Ramadan Enforcement Nigerian Islamic Police Detain Non-Fasting
The Islamic police, known as Hisbah, will continue to look for people not observing the fast

Ramadan Enforcement: Nigerian Islamic Police Detain Non-Fasting Individuals in Kano

In Nigeria’s northern state of Kano, the Islamic police, known as Hisbah, arrested 11 Muslims on Tuesday for allegedly violating the Ramadan fast by eating during daylight hours. Kano, with a predominantly Muslim population, operates under Sharia, an Islamic legal system that coexists with secular law. Hisbah conducts annual searches of eateries and markets during Ramadan to ensure compliance with fasting regulations.

The group of individuals, comprising 10 men and one woman selling groundnuts, was released after taking an oath promising not to intentionally miss a fast again. Hisbah spokesperson Lawal Fagge explained that the arrests occurred based on reports from concerned individuals. The enforcement efforts primarily targeted areas near markets, where increased activities during Ramadan are observed.

Fagge clarified that non-Muslims are exempt from such actions, stating, “We don’t arrest non-Muslims because this doesn’t concern them, and the only time they could be guilty of a crime is when we find out they cook food to sell to Muslims that are supposed to be fasting.”

The released individuals reportedly pledged to adhere to fasting from that point forward. Fagge mentioned that in some cases, the authorities contacted the arrested individuals’ relatives or guardians to ensure family monitoring.

Approximately two decades ago, Sharia was introduced to complement secular law in 12 of Nigeria’s northern states with a Muslim majority. Ramadan holds special significance in Islam, representing the month during which Muslims believe the first verses of the Quran were revealed to Prophet Muhammad. Fasting from dawn to sunset is a central practice during this month, forming one of the Five Pillars of Islam that guide Muslims in their way of life. Ramadan in 2024 is anticipated to last for 30 days, beginning on March 11 and concluding on April 9.


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