Pressure to Push Iran Nuclear Weapon Production


Iran intelligence Prime Minister warns western countries to stop Pushing Tehran to fight back. This statement comes days after several western countries speculate Iran of nuclear weapon production. Among these countries is the United States of America. Earlier on, the US secretary-general Antony Blinken divulged that it might take Tehran three to four months to manufacture the weapons. A number that the Israel Minister for Energy later doubled. All these speculations serve as a threat to Iran. As a result, the Prime Minister actually foresees the country surrendering to them. In his defense, the Minister sees the move as a defense strategy for Iran due to external pressures.

Iran Islamic religion and nuclear weapon Production

Further giving details to the situation, the Prime Minister disregards the allegations based on the Islamic religion. According to religious customs, it is against the law to manufacture such weapons. Back in the 2000s, Islamic Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei formed a nuclear fatwa. This is a ministerial decree mandating the country to refrain from nuclear weapon manufacture.

The Supreme leader states that nuclear weapons are against Sharia law. Sharia law is highly respected in the Islamic Republic. Iran claims to adhere to the rules firmly. And has since distanced from the manufacture of nuclear weapons. However, if western countries continue pursuing the allegations, then Iran might embark on the project. Additionally, the minister affirms that if that happens, then Iran is under no-fault.

2015 Iran nuclear weapon production accord

In 2015, many countries, majorly in the western region, came together to agree on an Iran deal. The deal allows to support Iran`s economy with monetary funds in exchange; they abandon nuclear weapon production. A deal that Iran gladly agreed to. And has since put a halt on nuclear weapon manufacture.

However, in 2018, the United States, under Trump`s leadership, withdrew from the program. According to trump, the deal is one of the worst mistakes the states have made. Following the withdrawal were sanctions enacted by the former United States, Donald Trump.

Iran current Nuclear program

In an attempt to defend their image, Iran discloses the intentions of the already existing nuclear program. In her defense, Iran confirms that the nuclear program is with peaceful intentions. The programs boost energy production in the country. However, Iran`s spy confirms that the government had a nuclear manufacturing program in play before being halted.

Efforts of restoring the 2015 nuclear pact

Biden`s administration is making efforts to go back to the 2015 deal. In an attempt to do so, Biden urges Tehran to step back from the alleged accusations. The US will then go back to the 2015 nuclear deal. Nonetheless, Iran also comes with terms and conditions before embarking on the deal. With a case filed against the US in the world court, Iran equally demands the sanctions to be eased. Only then will they agree to attempt negotiations towards the matter.



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