Philanthropy Conference Propels Africa’s Development

Philanthropy Conference Propels Africa’s Development
African Philanthropy Conference

The Fifth African Philanthropy Conference is being organized by stakeholders in the philanthropy industry and is slated to take place at the Elephant Hills Resort in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, from July 29 to August 2, 2024. This momentous occasion seeks to propel Africa’s progress via cooperative philanthropic endeavors.

This year’s conference, with the theme “The Next Frontiers of African Philanthropy,” is expected to analyze and impact the philanthropic environment on the continent. It seems to be an important event for a diverse range of attendees committed to using charity to further Africa’s development. Academics, donors, non-profits, government agencies, corporate entities, media, and other stakeholders will be among the attendees.

Over the course of the conference’s five days, a wide range of workshops will address relevant sub-themes, including feminist philanthropy, climate justice, social justice and reconciliation, and the restoration of African cultural heritage and reparations. Interactive workshops, panel discussions, and community involvement activities will all be a part of these programs. Delegates will also get the chance to engage in worthwhile activities in Livingstone, Zambia.

Invited partners have been asked to add sessions and activities to the conference schedule, highlighting the value of teamwork in determining the direction of African philanthropy. The meeting was emphasized by Prof. Bhekinkosi Moyo, Director of the Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment (CAPSI), as a group response to the changing dynamics within African philanthropy. The conference secretariat chair, Moyo, expressed excitement about welcoming academics, practitioners, thought leaders, and activists to explore new horizons and identify effective tactics.

The conference has been essential in advancing philanthropy throughout Africa and setting the stage for upcoming actions ever since it was founded. Its increasing influence is seen in the fact that it draws more and more delegates from all around the world with every year that goes by. The conference agenda includes a broad range of subjects, such as creative finance models for social impact and community-centered giving, as well as philanthropic answers to urgent concerns and the incorporation of technology in philanthropy.

The Fifth African Philanthropy Conference seeks to advance Africa toward sustainable development through inclusive and significant philanthropic activities by promoting conversation, exchanging perspectives, and creating collaborations. It is anticipated that participants will delve thoroughly into new issues and trends, finally laying out a plan for impactful action that extends throughout the continent and beyond.


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