Protest for Peace: Nigerian Shia Group Voices Concern, Calls for Gaza Ceasefire

Nigerian Shia Group Voices Concern, Calls for Gaza Ceasefire
Nigeria's Shia protesters: A minority at odds with the government | NGO | Al Jazeera

Nigerian Shia Group Voices Concern, Calls for Gaza Ceasefire

A pro-Iranian Shia group, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), organized protests across Nigeria, advocating for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. Members of the IMN marched through the capital, Abuja, as well as in 10 other Nigerian states, expressing their call for peace in Gaza.

During the protests in Abuja, demonstrators burned UK and American flags in front of the US embassy. Their primary demand was for US President Joe Biden to withdraw support for Israel in the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The IMN, founded and led by Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, is known for its promotion of Shia Islam in Nigeria, particularly in the north-western city of Zaria.

Despite being banned by authorities in 2019 following violent clashes between its members and security forces, the IMN continues to organize protests intermittently. The ban has not deterred its supporters from voicing their concerns and advocating for causes they believe in.

The protests in Nigeria underscore the global impact of the conflict in Gaza, with various communities expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people. The burning of flags and calls for a change in the US stance reflect the intensity of emotions surrounding the issue and the desire for international intervention to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

As the IMN continues to assert its position on the Gaza conflict, these protests highlight the interconnectedness of global events and the ability of local groups to mobilize and express their opinions on international issues. The situation emphasizes the importance of diplomatic efforts to address conflicts and humanitarian crises to ensure a more peaceful and stable world.


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