Namibia allows Irish poultry imports.


Namibia has removed the import and transit ban on live fowl and poultry products from Ireland.

This follows the recent declaration by the European nation that it is free of H5N1 avian flu (HPAI).

In November of last year, in response to an outbreak of avian influenza. The southern African nation banned imports from seven European nations.

The removal of the restriction, according to Dr. Albertina Shilongo, Namibia’s chief veterinary officer, will permit the import and transit of live poultry, fowl, raw poultry products, live ostriches, and raw ostrich products from Ireland.

Dr. Shilongo declared in a statement that all extant import and transit licenses “are hereby revoked with immediate effect.”

On February 24, following an outbreak of the same avian flu in Argentina, Namibia imposed an immediate ban on poultry imports from that country.


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