My son was the victim of a Nigerian sextortion scam; he will die in six hours.

My son was the victim of a Nigerian sextortion scam; he will die in six hours.
BBC Sextortion is the fastest-growing scam affecting teenagers globally and has been linked to more than 27 suicides in the US alone. Many of the scammers appear to be from Nigeria - where authorities are under pressure to do more.

A Global Epidemic Impacting Teenagers: Understanding and Combatting Sextortion

Teenagers throughout the world are increasingly worried about sextortion, a cruel crime in which people are pressured to submit sexually explicit photos or films by threatening to expose them. More than 27 suicides in the US alone painfully demonstrate its catastrophic consequences. Authorities in Nigeria are under mounting pressure to resolve the issue since the country has become a hub for numerous frauds during this crisis.

Jenn Buta’s son, Jordan, was kidnapped by sextortion scammers two years ago. Nothing in Jordan’s room has changed, no matter how much time has passed, according to Jenn. His possessions, which bear witness to the fullness of life snuffed out by this heinous act, are still in tact. With each word Jenn says, the pain of Jordan’s experience resounds—from being tricked by fake Instagram friends to receiving devastating ultimatums and then tragically losing everything.

It is concerning how quickly these thieves move. The time it took for Jordan to die was less than six hours from when contact was first made. The fact that these predators follow a script that Jenn uncovered reveals how robotic their approach is, motivated more by quantity than by any empathy for their victims.

Nigeria Police
Samuel, 22, and Samson Ogoshi, 20, arrested in Lagos, are awaiting sentencing in the US

In the course of fighting this evil, several have been apprehended, including the Nigerian nationals Samuel and Samson Ogoshi, who are involved in the case of Jordan, among others. However, a concerted response that goes across borders is necessary due to the global reach of sextortion. Jenn has taken use of Jordan’s popularity on TikTok to speak out for marginalized kids and encourage them to stand up for themselves.

Statistics show a shocking increase in sextortion instances, highlighting the seriousness of the matter, even if the crime is underreported because of its sensitive nature. The convergence of unemployment and poverty in West Africa, and Nigeria in particular, has made these practices very prevalent there. The issue is worsened and the cycle of exploitation continues because cyber-fraud has become normalized among the youth of Nigeria.

The rise of social media has made it easier for sextortion schemes to spread, with sites like TikTok acting as intermediaries to share scripts and methods. The notorious “Yahoo Boys” and Nigeria’s history of cybercrime highlight the necessity for comprehensive solutions that go beyond simply enforcing the law to address the underlying causes.


Sextortion criminals are not only from Nigeria, Cyber Crime Centre director Uche Ifeanyi Henry says

Director of Nigeria’s National Cyber Crime Centre, Uche Ifeanyi Henry, strongly defends his country’s fight against sextortion in an exclusive interview. Henry disproves claims of indifference by pointing to massive expenditures on cyber infrastructure and law enforcement programs, while also stressing the problem’s global scope and the need for international collaboration.

Nigerian authorities are working together with their international counterparts to combat sextortion. This is demonstrated by recent partnerships with organizations such as the UK’s National Crime Agency. Victims are encouraged to seek support, report events, and resist extortionists’ demands; education and awareness are powerful tools in this fight.

The message that victims are not alone and that collective action is crucial in addressing this widespread danger is resonating as advocates like Jenn Buta work relentlessly to stop more tragedies. Standing together and staying vigilant can help us overcome obstacles and create a world without sextortion.


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