Maduro Presents Carvativir as COVID-19 Cure


The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has proposed a COVID-19 cure. The proposed cure is a solution called Carvativir, which has not been subjected to scientific testing. He has made big claims about the “miracle” solution, boasting it would conquer the new coronavirus.

Miracle Treatment

“Just ten drops under the tongue in a four-hour interval would neutralize the virus,” claims Maduro.

He said the solution was a powerful antiviral solution developed by a brilliant Venezuelan mind in a statement. He refused to name the person behind the antiviral solution, saying he needed to protect the person’s identity. Scientists at home and abroad remain skeptical. The local, national Academy of medicine said the solution appeared to be derived from the common herb thyme.

This is not the first time that the Venezuelan president has promoted a COVID-19 cure. In October, he notified the pan-American Health Organization that some Venezuelan scientists found a substance that could cancel out the new coronavirus’s activities. He has since remained quiet about that solution and now seems to be promoting another Discovery. In the past, he has also promoted a special herbal tea that he claims can ward off the virus and other ailments.

Similar claims in the past

Similarly, other leaders have embraced COVID-19 cures that have not been scientifically accepted. In the recent past, there was a particular anti-malaria drug that the former US President Donald Trump and Brazil’s leader Bolsonaro both supported emphatically. About the approved Solutions despite repeated studies finding them ineffective and possibly dangerous to human health.

The new coronavirus variants have not hit Venezuela as hard as some other South American countries like Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru. Although experts say, this is likely because sanctions against the Venezuelan government have limited travel there.

According to Maduro, the treatment he called Carvativir has been under testing for 9 months among Venezuelans down with coronavirus. In a statement, he said he plans to distribute it nationwide and extend it to other nations as well.

Realistic Pursuit

In another development, a professor of medicine, Dr. David Boulware, noted the lack of scientific evidence. He strongly disagreed with the idea of promoting some untested magic solution to a complex problem like the coronavirus. It would be great if the solution worked, but first, there should be some data to back up the claims. Dr. David Boulware is an infectious diseases doctor at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

According to the Venezuelan National Academy of medicine, it will be wise to wait for more data from the proposed cure tests according to international protocols since October, Venezuela has been part of trials for Sputnik V, a vaccine originating from Russia. Russia has been known to be a long term ally of Maduro’s government. Venezuela signed a contract with Russia in December to buy the vaccine, but inoculations are not scheduled to start sometime in April.

Staff at the local health center, Rosa Colina, stated that authorities should get many more Venezuelans vaccinated as soon as possible. She said a number of her colleagues at the health center and some neighbors have died from COVID. In her opinion, at the moment, is vaccination and not these droplets or so-called COVID-19 cure being promoted by the president.



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