Kenyan President Confronts Angry Youth in Online Forum

@WilliamsRuto The session started late due to technical difficulties - so it lasted about two hours

The president of Kenya, William Ruto, was recently the target of passionate anti-tax protesters on the social media site X, who peppered him with pointed questions during a crucial debate. This was a watershed moment since he finally apologized in writing for the brutality by police and the kidnappings of protest organizers that occurred during the previous demonstrations.

In the background of this conversation, there was a surge of protests that caused President Ruto to withdraw a controversial budget law that had caused enormous dissatisfaction and turmoil during his presidency. Session #EngageThePresident, which was supposed to be a three-hour discourse but was cut short due to technical difficulties and delays, was organized through X Spaces, a feature that allows live audio chats.

Over 150,000 people tuned in to hear the talk, which was surprisingly frank considering the obstacles. Some attendees were rather blunt in their criticism of the president, calling him insensitive and dishonest; the president responded forcefully. In response to criticisms about the bureaucracy’s penchant for flaunting their money, he promised to fire corrupt officials. “I agree that some of our officials display obnoxious opulence,” he said, focusing on his own actions to correct their behavior and pledging to do more.

One interesting part of the discussion was President Ruto’s decision to lower the death toll from the protests, which he called “reckless” exaggerations, but he did acknowledge that it was lower than what human rights groups had originally claimed. Kenya has a massive debt of more than $80 billion, and the planned tax increases meant to alleviate it were the initial target of the protests. President Ruto justified the bill’s withdrawal in reaction to public outrage, although he maintained that several elements were misunderstood and meant to support local enterprises.

Fast forward to now, and the protests are demanding more than just the president’s resignation; they are also demanding justice for victims of police brutality. Charlene, daughter of the president, took to social media to highlight the chance for youngsters of Kenya to have a one-on-one conversation with her dad, painting it as a watershed event.

Addressing allegations of police violence, President Ruto stated during the X Space session that he did not give direct orders to law enforcement but promised regulatory investigation into the misconduct. He promised to bring those responsible to justice and invited the audience to identify individual police by providing proof.

Kevin Monari, a notable demonstrator who recounted his own kidnapping by unknown assailants—a case that President Ruto had pledged to personally investigate—and the president’s spokesperson co-facilitated the session. Multiple witnesses claimed that state agents had subjected them to similar acts of arbitrary detention and intimidation.

In light of the axed tax plans, President Ruto laid out austerity measures in a nationally broadcast message that aired earlier, prior to the X Space session. Some of these measures included cutting funding for the first lady, the spouse of the deputy president, and the prime cabinet secretary, as well as halting the acquisition of official vehicles, reducing government advisors by half, and cutting off non-essential travel for officials.

In his condolences speech, President Ruto characterized the turbulent moment as a chance for the country to reflect on its past and future, with topics like taxes, debt management, corruption, unemployment, and young chances at the forefront of continuing debates.

Addressing questioners as “my brother,” “my sister,” or “my friend,” President Ruto began to take a more conciliatory tone during the X Space dialogue, marking a change from his earlier defensive stand. Despite having to cut short the session early because of other obligations, he did say that he now understands how important it is to show more compassion for the problems that ordinary people face.

Overall, the X Space session highlighted a turning point in President Ruto’s leadership, as he skillfully navigated controversial matters by being both forceful and open to hearing out the public’s sentiment. His remarks about accountability and reform hint at possible changes in policy and leadership as Kenya faces its socioeconomic problems.


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