Kenyan doomsday cult kills 300.


On Tuesday, investigators exhumed more bodies from a Kenyan starving cult, raising the death toll to 300.

Paul Mackenzie, leader of the Good News International Church, is accused of instructing his followers to starve themselves and their children to death to go to heaven before the end of the world.

Nineteen bodies discovered from mass graves in Shakahola woodland in the southeast have killed 303 people. Regional official Rhoda Onyancha reported over 600 missing people.

Last week, investigators searched a larger territory to find more casualties.

Local media said that 65 self-styled pastor followers were charged with attempted suicide on Monday after refusing to eat between June 6 and June 10 in a rescue center.

Last month, Interior Minister Kithure Kindiki worried about Mackenzie’s rescued followers refusing meals. He stated one died.

Mackenzie was arrested in April and refused bail last month. He hasn’t had to plead.

He was acquitted of starving and suffocating two toddlers earlier this year.

Relatives of his followers believe he returned to the forest and moved his anticipated end-of-the-world date from August to April 15.


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