Jenni Hermoso Breaks Silence in First Public Statement Since World Cup Final Incident.

Jenni Hermoso Breaks Silence in First Public Statement

Jenni Hermoso Breaks Silence in First Public Statement

Six months after securing victory in the World Cup, Spanish footballer Jenni Hermoso expressed her appreciation for being back in the finals and highlighted her enjoyment of football at her first international news conference. This statement comes against the backdrop of the controversy involving former Spanish federation chief Luis Rubiales, who kissed Hermoso without her consent following Spain’s World Cup triumph over England in August. Hermoso took legal action against Rubiales, resulting in his resignation and a subsequent three-year ban from all football-related activities by FIFA.

Despite the challenges and scrutiny from the incident, Hermoso returned to the national side in October, delivering a crucial 89th-minute winner against Italy in the Nations League group stage. She emphasized the significance of playing in another final and expressed her desire to continue enjoying football, highlighting its positive impact on her life.

Spain is poised to face France in the Women’s Nations League final, with Hermoso acknowledging the moment’s importance, stating, “If we win tomorrow, Spain will have made history again.” The team’s success in reaching the final has also secured their qualification for the Paris Olympics in the summer.

While Hermoso remains focused on the joy that football brings her, the incident with Rubiales triggered global outrage and discussions about sexism in women’s sports leadership. The aftermath prompted protests and calls for changes in women’s football in Spain, leading to players boycotting the national team. Despite these challenges, Hermoso’s resilience and commitment to the sport are evident as she looks forward to continuing her journey with the national team and her club, Tigres, in Mexico.

Simultaneously, Spain’s Ballon d’Or winner, Aitana Bonmati, expressed disappointment that winning the World Cup has not resulted in significant changes in the landscape of women’s football in the country. Bonmati drew a comparison with England, where success in the Euros led to increased investment in the domestic league and a positive shift in nationwide support for women’s football. She underscored the need for further progress and investment in Spanish women’s football.

As Spain prepares for the Women’s Nations League final, the spotlight remains on the team’s achievements and broader issues of gender equity and reform in women’s football in the country. Hermoso’s positive outlook is a testament to athletes’ resilience and ability to find joy amidst challenges.


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