Gambian students allege veil discrimination.


Female Muslim students from five different schools in The Gambia have filed a complaint at the high court in Banjul against their schools, alleging that the schools “forcefully” removed their veil.

Although the majority of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit are Muslims, some of the schools involved in the case are Christian.

The students claim that the actions allegedly taken by their schools caused them to experience emotional distress and embarrassment, and they are asking for compensation in the amount of more than $300,000 (£238,000).

The students went on to say that the alleged incidents were a violation of their fundamental human rights and that they were subjected to harassment as a result.

They are also demanding that the authorities enact a law that will permit them to wear veils while attending public schools

The Gambian population is predominantly Muslim, but there is also a small Christian minority in the country.


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