Ethio Telecom profit triple before stake sale


On July 18, 2023, Reuters reported that Ethio Telecom, the state-owned telecommunications company of Ethiopia, has experienced a significant increase in profit, more than doubling its earnings ahead of a planned stake sale.

Robust Financial Performance

Ethio Telecom’s impressive financial performance has doubled its profit, indicating robust growth and operational efficiency.

Planned Stake Sale

The surge in profit comes at a strategic time as Ethio Telecom prepares for a planned stake sale, which could attract potential investors and boost the company’s capital.

Investment Opportunity

The strong financial results of Ethio Telecom may make it an attractive investment opportunity for domestic and international investors.

Telecom Sector in Ethiopia

The telecommunications sector in Ethiopia has been attracting attention due to its liberalization, and Ethio Telecom’s performance may further stimulate interest from private investors.

Government Revenue

The increased profit of Ethio Telecom could also positively impact the government’s revenue, considering that it is a state-owned entity.

Enhancing Connectivity

Ethio Telecom’s financial success indicates its efforts to improve connectivity and expand its services, contributing to Ethiopia’s digital infrastructure development.

Potential for Expansion

With the planned stake sale, Ethio Telecom could access new resources and expertise to expand its services and further advance the country’s telecommunications sector.


Ethio Telecom’s remarkable increase in profit sets the stage for a promising future, particularly as it prepares for a planned stake sale. The company’s robust financial performance signifies its potential as an investment opportunity and may have positive implications for Ethiopia’s telecom sector. As the country’s telecommunications landscape evolves, Ethio Telecom’s success in enhancing connectivity and driving financial growth is poised to have a lasting impact on the nation’s digital transformation and economic development.


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