Shocking Video!! Do the Europeans, the USA and China Want Africans Dead?


The USA and China allegedly want Africans dead. It is the bitter truth, yet hard to swallow. The superpower nations are on a mission to exterminate Africans or at least deter development in all African states. Africa’s failure is the western’s success. Sadly, several African leaders shy away from the truth by cowardly yielding to daylight schemes without an ounce of remorse, reflection, and foresight. According to Henry Kissinger’s report in the mid-70s, the mission of the foreign policy in Africa is not to help Africans but to shrink their population. Henry Kissinger was a USA diplomat but German by birth.

The USA vs China

The question is not about color, rather the diabolic decisions of a fellow human killing another for materialistic ambitions. A rich continent that does not need the western world to survive, rather the reverse, is ironically the poorest on the planet. A video has gone viral of an American revealing the US foreign policy against the Africans. The American man exposed this evil plan because he wanted Africans to beware and fight for their continent. The USA never canceled this foreign policy.

The man explains why Africans should die. He says in the video that Africa is the richest continent in mineral resources, but the western world dreads the thought of Africans utilizing their God-given minerals. Africa can feed the whole world without going into a state of destitution, due to its climate, the soil, and resources. Thus, they must thwart any form of African development through the distribution of contraceptives in Africa.

“Africans should not give birth to children who will use the resources. There is a need to promote abortion practices,” the man said. Africa can feed itself and the entire world. We need the resources more than they do,” added the American.


Is China Worse of An Enemy than the USA?

In another interview, Ama Ata Aidoo, née Christina Ama Aidoo a Ghanaian author, poet, playwright, and an academician made it crystal clear that nothing good has come out of the foreign aid rendered to the Africans from the western countries.

It is only in Africa where one finds leaders cutting the branches they are seated on. It is astounding how they betray their own.  In Mozambique, they used to grow their rice but now import it from China after selling their rice farms to the Chinese, who, by the way, employ their own and not Africans. African leaders call it an investment. When the youth raise their voices, they brand the truth treason. African leaders should stop burning the candle on both ends or foreigners will continue labeling Africans fools.

China is outwitting the USA

African developing nations still stink of poverty. The African commercial cities keep up appearances of development, yet stricken by squalor and economic dilapidation. China and other western countries keep lending the African States money. The only difference between the USA and China is, China has a massive community and requires enormous resources to sustain its population.

China takes over

This justifies China’s greed in grabbing thousands upon thousands of hectares of land in Africa. To accomplish their long term objectives, they must give extravagant loans to Africa, of course, at huge interest rates that no country can pay off. These loans are always attached to massive chunks of estate land as they slowly, but surely buy Africans out. It is undeniable that African leaders are aware of Chinese insidious actions. This is a mere portrayal of a slave’s mindset still lingering in the African atmosphere.

Who is to Blame for Africa’s Failure?

China is not a signatory to the odious debt governance. Hence, they can never be taken to any court or forced to pardon the debts. Unlike the rest of the world, no country can take China to the ICJ or any such for arbitration. China’s debts are only arbitrated in Chinese courts in China. Beijing decides everything.

Foreigners come in the guise of assisting Africans who have been brainwashed to believe they always need help even when they don’t. Through foreign aid, Africa is moving into an era of recolonization. Forgetting about the peace they preach, the western world is deluded that Africans don’t deserve Africa. The former African Union Ambassador to the USA, Arikana Chihombori-Quao asks African leaders to unite and fight for the African continent before it is too late.

Africans trade their valuable assets and minerals for money. Rather, Africans should trade to get information technology and industries where they can manufacture their products internally. 80% of the raw materials used globally are from Africa. The challenge is, Africans lack unity, and shamefully kill, and destroy each other. Few Africans want another to develop or surpass them. If an African doesn’t prosper in life, he tirelessly works to trash others in the mud or steals from them.

Many Africans work overseas to develop the western countries, disregarding their homeland, unlike citizens from other continents. China and the western countries are not to blame for Africa’s failure, rather, the Africans themselves. Until Africans unite and wake from their slavery slumber into the realization of their true worth, they will always look for a scapegoat to blame for their demise.



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