Celestin Tunda Resigns after Disagreement with Felix Tshisekedi


The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country in the African continent that for several decades has suffered under political leaders. DRC has reported several cases of leaders being involved in corruption cases due to their greed for power. Politically, the country is not as stable as it should have been after its independence. Some few weeks ago, Congo was remarking its Independence Day, and looking at the country’s progress, it is not appealing. Now Celestin Tunda resigns after a disagreement with Felix Tshisekedi.

Former president, Kabila, contributed to the country’s stagnation. He had sold some mineral rights to an Israeli magnate called Gertler whom the US restricted from extracting further minerals. I might say the DRC is such a wealthy state with vast natural mineral resources, but due to mismanagement of these resources, the country is poor.

There have also been issues on human rights disrespect and impunity. Some leaders tend to extend their terms in office encouraging dictatorship and autocracy. Congolese people undergo struggles as most live below the poverty line.

Recently, there is a report of the justice minister of resigning from office due to misunderstandings with the president.

Celestin Tunda Resigns

Celestin Tunda was born in Bukavu on July 21st, 1954. He is a politician from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Celestin was a Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice before resigning from the office. Moreover, the Congolese politician was a Keeper of the Seals in the government of Ilunga since September 3rd last year. Tunda was once a Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of Matata of 2012. His achievements do not stop there, he was a PPRD assistant in the Parliament.

Celestin Tunda Controversy

The Court of Cassation apprehended Celestin Tunda on June 26th where he spent some time for a sitting on the 3 judicial suggestions which Minake made. Minaku Sakata is the FCC assistant on the justice amendment in the DRC. On Saturday, Celestin stepped down as the Deputy PM, Minister of justice, and the Keeper of the Seals in the regime of Ilunga.

This resignation came after he had a disagreement with the head of state over judicial amendment suggestions. Celestin did not give an exact reason as to why he decided to step down from the office.

The Controversial Reforms

Some of these amends are suggestions to characterize the judges’ powers. Critics commented and said that the move was a trick to suppress the judiciary system.

Comments attached to the resigned minister were:

“There is no time in the government here in the Congo that we have discussed observations on proposed laws. The bills are the prerogative of the members of parliament, how could we discuss them in the government? One must have the approval of the National Assembly before prosecuting a member of the government. What we have seen today is the birth of dictatorship.”

The Democratic Republic of Congo should recollect itself and start afresh to be able to control the state of affairs in the country. Failure to that, the country may continue swimming in the same issues they have had for years.



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