Army claims east Burkina Faso military station attack kills 33 personnel.


Burkina Faso’s military-led government says 33 troops were killed and 12 others were injured in an attack on a military installation in the country’s eastern region on Thursday.

A gang of attackers in Burkina Faso’s East Region stormed a military installation in the town of Ougarou on Thursday morning.

According to an army statement, the besieged forces killed at least 40 “terrorists” before reinforcements arrived.

An Islamist insurgency that originated in neighboring Mali has extended to many West African nations, including Burkina Faso, killing thousands and displacing over 2 million people over the last decade.

Despite enhanced security efforts, officials have been unable to prevent the country’s escalating tide of violence in recent months.

Meanwhile, the military has been accused of intentionally killing civilians during counterinsurgency operations.

According to the UN, individuals dressed in army uniforms stormed a village in northern Burkina Faso last week and slaughtered at least 150 people.

The military leadership had previously condemned the attack and pledged an inquiry earlier on Thursday.

Two coups occurred last year as a result of people’s rage at the government for failing to protect them.



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