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by Eva Rose Tesfaye on May 25, 2018

The most popular channels on Youtube are dominantly Western and White. However with the African community on Youtube growing and the possibility of setting up a Youtube space in Africa, here are some African Youtubers that are worth subscribing to, each with very different styles.

Pepper and Söl

Pepper and Söl is a young Zimbabwean model and student who makes videos about fashion and discussing issues that are important to here. One of her more famous videos is Africa is NOT a country in which she addresses the negative stereotypes surrounding Africa that is perpetuated by the media. She also addresses the problems in the fashion industry in Singapore (where she currently resides) as well as perceptions of beauty in general. Traveling a lot, like Duru, she also posts vlogs about the places she visits and starting college at Yale-NUS.


The Lion Whisperer

The lion whisper, Kevin Richardson, is a wildlife conservationist who runs The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary out in the bush of South Africa. His aim with the Youtube channel is to raise awareness and spread information about carnivorous animals in Africa. The channel consists of him playing and cuddling with his lions and hyenas. Sometimes tigers even make an appearance. He has a segment called #AskMeg, named after his adorable lioness, in which he answers viewer’s questions about wildlife while taking lionesses, Meg and Amy for walks.

Adeola Fayehun

Adeola Fayehun is a Nigerian journalist who takes it upon herself to report on political, social, and economic news in Africa. Her show, “Keeping it Real,” is produced by Sahara TV and updates her viewers on what is going on in Africa in hilarious and entertaining ways and calls out the ridiculous hypocrisy of corrupt politicians. She also profiles historically great African politicians of the past, such as the often forgotten Thomas Sankara, Burkina Faso’s last president, whom she calls “Africa’s Best President.”

Miss Cha

Miss Cha is an Algerian Youtuber, she does comedy and lifestyles videos in which she travels and plays video games, such as counterstrike. Her comedy videos are mostly in French and Arabic, but she also does covers of songs on her guitar. Those include songs in English, such as Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, as well as Algerian ones, Ghir Enta, by the late Algerian singer, Souad Massi.

Chizi Duru

Chizi Duru is a Nigerian-American beauty vlogger who started out documenting her transition to her natural hair. Now she continues promoting natural hair positivity by posting tutorials on dealing with natural hair as well as experimenting with it. She sometimes does goofy hair videos where she tries mixing all her products at once, or following tutorials from other beauty gurus. She also talks about college, mental health, dating, and buying products on a budget. She also has a series called Naija Vlog, in which she documents her recent visit to Lagos, Nigeria, where she gets her hair braided at a local hair salon.


Rohil Aniruth is an Indian-South African Youtuber and filmmaker. His channel consists of film related videos such as reviews and video essays, as well as criticisms of the industry through sketches and films. His short film, Self-Love, is documentary about three Indian creatives living in New York City. He also makes videos about life in South Africa and addressing the issues of race and diversity.

What’s Up Africa

Ikenna Azuike is a British-Nigerian journalist, comedian, and satirist who runs the channel What’s Up Africa. The channel is committed to telling African stories without bias. He even talks about this in several TEDx events. Like Adeyola Fayehun, he updates his viewers with humor on news across Africa in his series Africa in 90s. He also has deeper profiles into unique stories, such as ballet dancing in the slums of Kenya

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