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by Shelby Hawkins on June 23, 2018

Pope Francis recently sat down with Reuters to talk about the African exploitation by Europe. He believes that European powers are exploiting Nigeria, as well as other African nations.

To combat this, the pope urges Europe to invest the continent that are mutually beneficial, like equitably sharing mineral resources. On ways to properly aid Africa, the Holy Father said, “We must invest in Africa, but invest in an orderly way and create employment, not go there to exploit it.”

The ongoing history of African exploitation begins with the transatlantic slave trade, colonization and imperialism, and neo colonialism met with unfair trading practices is still omnipresent.

Further explaining how Africa is being exploited, Pope Francis cites the lack of independence and sustainability that the continent faces. “When a country grants independence to an African country it is from the ground up – but the subsoil is not independent. And then people (outside Africa) complain about hungry Africans coming here. There are injustices there!”

The Pope’s comments come while a contentious debate on migrants ensues. Europe is still facing the migrant crisis that plagued the Middle East and north Africa starting in 2015. According to The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), one million migrants are currently residing in Europe. Less than 40 thousand are in the United States.

Speaking on reasons for extreme poverty in Africa, the pope says, “In our collective unconscious there is something inside us that says Africa must be exploited.”

Pope Francis believes that Europe need to better focus its aid to Africa. The continent needs more investment and better education, so a future migrant crisis will not be in the future. If the indigenous are given sustainable option where they are, there will be less political unrest and war. As a result, people can grow where they are planted.

Eu leaders will meet next week to discuss concerns over migration. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is under severe pressure to create new immigration policy. Horst Seehofer, Germany’s Chairman of the Christian Social Union and Interior Minister, says that he will follow through with a unilateral plan to begin the rejection of asylum seekers within the next two weeks if Merkel does not make the changes.

Similarly in Italy, the nation has taken an anti-establishment stance. They have called for the country’s navy and coast guard to stop patrolling the southern Mediterranean for migrant boats.

“And there’s a problem,” Pope Francis concludes with, “We send people back to those who have sent them here. They end up in the jails of traffickers.”


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Shelby Hawkins
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