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by Eva Rose Tesfaye on June 7, 2018

The Kenyan music artist, Akothee, reminded every one of the beauty of dark-skinned black women as she clapped back on trolls who commented on her outfit during the One Africa Music Festival at Wembley Stadium in the United Kingdom.

Akothee exchanged a few words with some haters on Instagram who asked her “to stop” after seeing her tight-fitting body-suit designed by award-winning Kenyan High Fashion Designer Aulgah Nato. Kenyans took to Instagram to protest the choice of costume and told her not to do the poses and stunts, such as lifting one leg up, while wearing the bodysuit.

@carolyne9196 commented; “Shame on you and hang on it respect your age and young fans even your children money cams and goes fame ni ya muda tu Dada unajiabisha.”

@Evejaber added; “The dress code was a horrible choice and I know insults will be hurled left right and centre and by the way we know she went home with loads of money while some peoples accounts were reduced but bottom line is as a fan you support and critique all with the aim of helping the star improve and do better. Even with our poverty we will not serve Akothee justice if we just keep quiet about how she presented herself. Me who is at home without a single million or half a million in my account still stand with; this was her worst dress code. In fact she should sue whoever arranged for that outfit.”

Some of those who were offended also pointed out that Akothee is a mother of five and therefore would be under scrutiny for this sort of thing. However some others came to her defense. Another Kenyan musician, Suzzana Owiyo, defended her in the comment section writing: “Black don’t crack.”

Akothee clapped back hard on one particular photo that compared her to Beyoncé, who is also a mother of three children, with the caption, “expectation vs reality.” Both celebrities are wearing the similar outfits and making similar poses. The most significant difference is the color of their skin. Akothee in her response addressed her pride in being African and having dark-skin as well as the issue of skin-bleaching.

In the post, she comments on how she would never skin-bleach and not to “infect her with your useless fantasy.” She declares that she will never be Beyonce and that she is “Madam boss Akothee President of Single Mothers.” She even tags Beyoncé herself, telling her to look at this “messed up” picture. Akothee establishes that she is going to continue doing what she’s doing and dressing how she wants.

Akothee is considered one of the wealthiest people in Kenya today. She was born in Kisumu as the first daughter in her family. She was married at the age of 14 and had three children by the time she was 16-years-old, but the marriage ended as her husband claimed that she was boring, hard-headed, and unromantic.

When times became tough, Akothee persevered and hustled. She ended up becoming a matatu driver and eventually running her own taxi business. She had two sons by a Swiss diplomat but left him claiming that he only was interested in her for having children. She returned to Kenya and started her music career. Some of her hits include Nimechoka, Pashe, and Katika. Her music has a distinctly African beat and is influenced by her upbringing in a musical family. She also began to invest in real estate and expanded her transportation business.

After having five kids, she says that she is done with men. “I have had enough of men, and I lost trust in them. It will take me years to fall in love again. The love I have now is for me and my children, because no man has plans for me. There is no man who can handle me because there’s no way I will fall into any man’s plans. I call the shots,” she told Citizen Digital.

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Eva Rose Tesfaye
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