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Kenya Will Host Healthcare Summit

by Shelby Hawkins on June 19, 2018

Set for June 26th through the 27th, Nairobi, Kenya will host the Africa Healthcare Extension Summit (AHES 20118).

Medical and healthcare industries will be exchanging ideas on how to best upgrade and expand construction on hospitals across the continent.

AHES attendees will include government officials from Ministries of Health across Africa, regulatory bodies, healthcare associations and other stakeholders.

In agreement with the continent’s concurrence, the summit seeks to create a more sustainable hospital development, regulatory framework, partnerships, local and international case studies, technology development, HR training and skill-set enhancement, e-health and healthcare financing, funding and government incentives.

“The summit is very timely as several African nations are on their journey towards universal healthcare coverage,” said Dr. Amit Thakker, CEO and a founding Director of Kenya Healthcare Federation, “The experts at AHES will provide latest insights for the enabling structures that will foster partnership for better health on the continent. I am delighted to see so many speakers with great experience in the programme of this particular 2-day summit”

Kenya has been making great strides in its national healthcare. The east African nation plans to achieve universal health care within five years. According to the World Health Organisation, universal health coverage is “ensuring that all people have access to needed health services (including prevention, promotion, treatment, rehabilitation and palliation) of sufficient quality to be effective, without exposing the user to financial hardship.”

As a nation that suffers with an increase of HIV infections and tropical diseases such as malaria, the summit will help produce more concepts on dealing with those issues.

Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Kenyatta endorses universal healthcare as well in an era that strives of sustainable development goals. On the topic of quality healthcare she said, “Increased delivery of healthcare should go hand in hand with provision of high quality services.”


Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons.

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