Coke Studios Africa Spreads Christmas Cheer With New Music App

Earlier this month, Coke Studios Africa released a music app built on the Android platform that gives users the ability to stream, download and watch music and performances from Coke Studios Africa seasons 2 through 4. Available in various Android stores such as the Play store, the app is set to feature music from over 50 African artists, so you are sure to discover something new every time you look.

Waithera Kabiru, a Digital Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola had the following to say in regards to the app:
<blockquote>“We are very excited to launch the Coke Studio Africa mobile app, as it will enable millions of youth around Africa who love music to be able to access great content on their phones. Through the mobile app, users are able to listen to content on demand from the TV show via audio streaming or video, and download the music or create playlists for future listening. It’s truly a revolutionary experience.”</blockquote>
The app is available in 5 different languages, including English, French, Portuguese, Swahili and Amharic, ensuring that almost anyone across Africa and tune in and enjoy the app. Enjoying great success across Africa, Coke Studios Africa is looking to spread and expand, and make it even easier for youth across Africa to listen to the best African music.

With it being December and Christmas creeping ever closer, the app has been full of Christmas songs with a healthy dose of African style added. Here is a sample of the type of Christmas cheer that Coke Studios Africa is helping to spread across the continent:

To tune in and listen, please check the following schedule provided:

Sunday on AIT at 6:00pm with repeat episodes on MTV Base on Mondays at 8:00pm; ONTV on Mondays at 6:30pm; Wazobia TV and Wazobia MAX on Mondays at 8:00pm; Nigezie on Tuesdays at 5:00pm; Soundcity on Sundays at 7:30pm; WAP TV on Sundays at 8:00pm; Planet TV on Wednesdays at 6:00pm; and AMC on Mondays at 7:00pm.

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