10 Most Influential People From Uganda

Uganda is a beautiful place located on the East side of Africa, which is bordered to the east of Kenya and to the North of South Sudan. Uganda goes by many names, some know it as the “Pearl of Africa” or “Gifted by Nature” because of the variety of landscapes ranging from the savannas to the Albertine Rift Valley to the mountains the sights are endless. One of the most interesting facts about Uganda is that it is home to many Gorillas but not only that what most people do not know is the hospitality that Ugandans offer to whoever comes for a visit.

In Today’s article, I will be introducing to the world 10 most Influential people from Uganda, but my personal opinion, I think every single human being located around the African continent is influential or can have the potential to be influential in their everyday life.

Sudhir Ruparelia is one of Uganda’s largest property owners, a businessman that came up from being a cab driver to being a billionaire, all through real estate.

James Mulwana is a businessman and manufacturer that proved that any local entrepreneur can be in charge of two or more companies at a time and he was a living proof of that.

Gordon Wavamunno is the exclusive owner of Mercedes-Benz franchise in Uganda under a group called spear group. He is known as the business man that has stood the test of time. Meaning when other entrepreneurs have come and gone, all except for him. In his business, he has survived the test of time.

Allen Kagina she is known for turning around the tax collection body from an institution riddled with corruption and habitually falling behind its target In Uganda. Because of that, she earned the respect she absolutely deserves to receive.

Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile, he is known for doing what most couldn’t have done which is dominating the economy in Uganda.

Allen Catherine Kagina is one of the most brilliant women in my book. According to President Museveni of Uganda, she was the woman of sorting out the revenue authority in Uganda.

Patrick Kasulu is the man in 2000 started property Masters. He is known as a real estate businessman. He is the definition of making things happen.

An interesting fact about the man named Dr. Sulaiman Kiggundu is that in the year of 1990, he had his contract as Governer of Bank of Uganda revoked but that didn’t stop him because he came back and affected Uganda’s banking in a significant way. He accomplished this by founding Greenland bank that was the only bank that enables traders to put their money in the bank late in the evening rather than the other banks they were competing with.

Justin Okeny & Jack Dwonga are among the list of Uganda pioneer industrialists. They were involved in setting up Vita foam industry in the year of 1974. The two didn’t only stop there but also went on to built successful enterprise defined by high quality.

Amirali Mukwano is one of Uganda influential people because of the fact that he was able to take over his father business and transform it into an empire that deals with manufacturing, real estate, transformation and so many other things to help contribute to the society he lives in.

Making a change in today’s society is what most will agree on a hard task but it only takes one person to take a stand and make a difference, by doing so there is a guarantee that there will be others that will follow in your footsteps. As you can see from the list above these are few influential people at Uganda that are taking it into their hands to empower others by showing them if they could do it, then why can’t them?.


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